Monday, March 06, 2006

Monkey Mondays...

Word of Caution to those who are just starting out in thier career/job...


I mean, there's only so much you are getting paid, and thus, because of that, you should never agree to do 'extra' work. Although some companies will require you to do a few things here and there, and the boss does seem to be too difficult to reject, but bear in mind also, that once you've said 'Yes' to a 'favour', they will keep asking you to do something similar.

Mentality is important...

Although as a Christian, I am called to serve my company as best as I could, but not to the point where I am 'over-used' and 'mis-used'... Christians are called to be forgiving, not to be taken-advantage-of... So, I have decided that as much as I would like to glorify God's name in my company, I will not agree to anymore monkey business for the company, unless they pay me for it. Afterall, a worker deserves his wages.

I just realised this a few weeks back.

See, I have been this very accomodating and desparate job seeker since I came out into the working world. And thus, I know that my employers are taking advantage of this. And I knowingly let it slip. I have been a tad too sensitive towards relationships in the office that I am now being manipulated and taken advantage of.

Well, as a Christian, we are called to make a difference in our workplace, but still, that doesn't mean that we can be treated unfairly.

So from now onwards, wherever I go for an interview, I will let them know that I work for money. Although that will not be my real purpose, but letting your employers think that you are working for money from the start does clear a few things up.

Well, the logic of this is as such. If your employers get an idea that you are working for money, it eases your job. It might not bode well with your image that you are trying to portray but it does the trick. It will fend off whatever monkey business that your employers might want to make you do. Tell them from the start, and whenever they ask you to do something out of the extraordinary, you ask for more money, or some extra pocket money or grant from the petty cash.

Whenever they think of asking you to do something, they will first think twice, as you will ask for more money...

It's simple actually...

"Hey, can you help me send this to the client on your way to work?"

"Sure... but I want this and that allowance... I did not sign up to work as a despatch man..."

See... if everything you do for the company is determined by money, then your bosses will get the idea... and they will live with it because in their mind, you are 'that' type of person.

It's dualistic I know, but everyone's doing it to protect themselves... why not you???

It's only portraying yourself as a worker for the company... it's not asking you to really slave yourself to money...


Blogger Chief said...

Well....if you want to do 'extra work', let your boss know that you're making sacrifices for it. like, it'll take me an extra hour to do that but if it's that urgent, I'll drop it off.
most bosses should get the idea.

some bosses do do such thing to see if you've got the right attitude, so you've got to be wise to know which is which

March 06, 2006 2:32 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Chief: Correct me if I'm wrong... But so far, all I've seen is that bosses work on the assumption that everyone works for money.. and working for money is the acceptable attitude..


My problem is that I am probably showing too much of the 'correct attitude'...

March 06, 2006 4:38 pm  
Blogger peichyi said...

i know just the person who needs to read this so badly!!!
she just does work blindly with no questions asked.

March 08, 2006 12:18 pm  

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