Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Work, work, work, work, work...

I am indeed at a low point in my life.

Nothing looks promising besides work. And that statement by itself, is pathetic! I mean, I do enjoy my work and all, and I could do this all day long, but it's really a low point in my life where I do not look forward to anything else!!!

It's the same boring routine everyday, and the only interesting thing that happens daily is my trip to work. I wonder if I'm still sane.

But anyways, at least I got a job...

I think I am officially suffering from Writers Block. I haven't been able to think of anything good and provocative to write in recent times. Creative juices not flowing much. Maybe I lack interaction with people who can stimulate me intellectually. I haven't got time to sit down and chat with anyone also. Maybe that's why the brain juices have dried up.

Well, the only thing that I can look forward to is that my salary is supposed to come in today!!! I really need the cash... I'm surviving on my last month's pay when my travelling expenses had increased significantly.

sigh... the lamentations of the metropolitan prodigal.


Blogger Gab said...

un ur frus..been there..did internship at some newspaper some months ago..felt so drained of creativity, esp when writing reviews..

seek solace in sth else, dude. cheers to life *winks*

September 27, 2005 1:24 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Journalism kills the flair in writing. It's creative but in different way.

And I heard that pay sucks... heheheh

September 27, 2005 1:42 pm  
Blogger Gab said...

*grin* sum ppl jst r good with writing, n Journalism do allow creativity at times..perhaps it's jst plain old me, not suited to be in the field. btw, darn curious, is copywriting same like advertising?

P/S: if ure d editor, the pay's gr8, bt longer work hours...:P

September 28, 2005 3:07 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Copywriting is advertising.

I am responsible for all the words that you see on advertisements. The artist does the layout.

In Journalism, you only get to be creative if you're in Features. But if you're in hard news, you have to write 'Professionally' and that doesn't leave you much space to be creative.

And I find subscribing to this 'inverted screw' format a bit boring for my liking, and thus, I ventured into copywriting...

Not that I have anything against Journalism.

September 28, 2005 4:36 pm  
Blogger Gab said...

*smirks*mmm..hopefully jr students get to venture to copywriting...yeah hard news if dull, lurve features bt ran out or words most of the time. :P

looking forward to seeing u write n rant away..;)

cheers mate!

September 29, 2005 4:26 pm  
Blogger SaDdNesZ.jc said...

Here's a little something, a number of the Big Guns at Leo Burnett have Journalism backgrounds...

And my advise to you would be to venture into copywriting as young as possible. It's a tough ladder to climb. And it's a difficult industry to break in to. So, while your living expenses are still rather low, get yourself into an Ad agency on a smaller salary.

Unless you're THAT good, that agencies are vying for your signature... if not, then might as well try to break into the industry as a junior and work your way up.

There's a faster way of course, and that will take a lot of time trying to know the 'relevant' people.... hehehehe...

September 29, 2005 5:28 pm  
Blogger Gab said...

*sigh*future seems so distant and bleak..

nevertheless, thank you for your kind advice. really appreciate 'em.

wish i have sth to rant abt my job...:(

kiddin' :D

thanx again!

September 29, 2005 8:37 pm  

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