Monday, September 26, 2005


I have been a very frustrated person the last two days.

And I think that this problem only rears its ugly head whenever I am faced with a financial crisis.

But seriously, after the experience of working on a Saturday, I have been tired. I have been travelling so much in the previous 2 weeks, that I doin't have much of personal time left. Everyday, I constantly struggle to get more rest. I arrive home on average at 9pm daily, and after my bath and dinner, it would've been 10pm. Then I need to do my chores, spend time with my girl, and attend to stupendous demands from friends. Well, not all of them, but a certain few do constantly push my buttons. Then, I have to attend to different responsibilities that I have, and that leaves me with VERY little time to relax. I need to cut back on a few things. I think I need to manage my friends from now on. No more being Mr. Nice Guy.

I was so down during the weekend that I almost skipped all my responsibilities. But in the end, I bit my teeth, and did it anyway. I really can't do this anymore. I'm physically and mentally tired. I am a beat man. And because of this, I caused my girlfriend a scare. I didn't talk to her for most of the day on Sunday because I needed time to myself. I needed a break from the entire world. And I haven't had that in 2 weeks. So finally, the bubble burst on Sunday, and my poor girlfriend was on the receiving end of the storm.

I need some time to be silent and think about life.

Haven't had time for that in a long time.


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