Friday, September 23, 2005

Why do we have to suffer because...

... of something that is happening all the way on the other side of the world?

America's oil refineries are in jeopardy of being out of operation as a result of a second hurricane threat. And world oil prices are set to soar AGAIN!!!

The world is interconnected as a large economy, but the problem is that a USD1 increase could potentially equate to some poor fella's wages for an entire year in some undeveloped country.

It just isn't fair. I mean, if the whole world was connected as a large economy, then we should be using 1 single currency. but if we can't be using 1 currency, then we can't be connected to the rest of the world fairly.

We can now see the major set-backs of being in a capitalist world. The rich will always be the ones who get richer at the expense of the poor. If prices of oil in America increases by USD1, it would affect the rest of the world. In Malaysia (our beloved 1st world country with the 3rd world mentality), prices would follow suit but at RM3.50. But a USD1 increase would only mean around 60p for those who recide in Brittain. So, why are we connected to what America is facing?

Because we're individuals, living in a materialistic, individualistic world. If the entire world was a large commune, then, there will not be a problem of higher or lower currencies. This is the basis of Marxist thought. And under such circumstances, wouldn't it be nice if the world subscribed to it. Then, all men will be equal, everyone will be allocated a job, and the economy will be controlled by the Government. We will be out of the rat race, working for the greater good instead of for the celebration of the individual. Bosses will turn into managers, and live off a salary that is not too big a difference from his/her subordinates. Subordinates will stop jumping around the employment pool trying to squeez more salary from their bosses, and the world would be a far better place than it is now...

but then, the major flaw of Marx's theories are that he disregarded the 'Greed of man' and that proved to be his failure. Just look at China, the fighter and protector of the world's communist community. The people in power oppress those under them. Political power equates monetary power.

In the Ideal world, and Marx is a VERY big Idealist, Marxism and all its branches (Frankfurt School, Communism, Fascism, etc.) will perform perfectly. Marxism fails because The Greed of Man will constantly turn brother against brother, the rich will continue to oppress the poor by giving them a small salary so that they can buy over-priced products produced by 'yours-truly' the rich.

So... If only man could live without greed, the world would be such a wonderful place.


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