Monday, September 26, 2005

Mondays are never fun...

Well, all that can go wrong has already gone wrong in the past two days. What else can Monday provide me with??

A Boring Day At Work.

The usual suspects aren't updating thier blogs, I'm bored stiff in the office with nothing much to do, I wrote some philosphical stuff for the company profile, sat on my ass for the entire working hours since 9.30am today.

Well, that's my usual day I guess.

Someone give me some FREE-LANCE!!! I'm very good at writing philosophical stuff that nobody understands, and I am VERY GOOD at writing luxury/lifestlye copy for snob ads. I am able to string 'indulgent', 'luxurious', 'palace', 'exuberance' & 'You' into the same sentence.

I need the money, and also the mental exercise.

So help me God.


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