Monday, May 18, 2009

New Office

Yeah, we're settling in the new office as of 2 weeks ago. Things are pretty much still new and disorganised, but that's the thrill of setting up a new thing. Everything is new, but yet, untried. 

As for life as a whole, we had our house warming last Monday and I have to say that it was minimalistic. Amidst the chaos, we still had quite a good time together. Thank God for the sudden help that we got from a few parties in terms of providing with the hardware. We had about 30 people crammed up in our living room, and these 30 people brought with them about 10 children. 

So yeah. Now the house can truly be called home. Heh. Although the water tank is still not fixed, and the cement rocks at the back are still there, I'd say we have settled in nicely. 

The baby is coming anytime soon now, and I am feeling edgier as I can't leave my wife alone at home. The proximity of my house to the hospital is rather far, and if I go anywhere leaving my wife at home, I'm risking a 20 minute car ride from whereever I am to get myself back home, and it'll take another 30 minutes or so to get to the hospital. My worry is that my baby might be born inside my car. Heh.

Well, there's work to be done. Cirio.


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