Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I know I haven't brought any justice to my blog nor my readers. It's just that things happen ever so slowly for me in this slow town. 

So here's some updates that are notable. 

Firstly, I got my car back, which has been since Last Raya, been condemned to the workshops. It's not as nice a drive as before and probably, I'll need to fix a lot of things soon after. The final damage count, I changed both my right hand side doors, a rear axle, 1 rim + tyre, my whole right suspension, my fuel tank (it was damaged by the collision), both my bumpers, and all my 4 lights. There's still quite a fair bit of fine tuning before I can rely on it for long distance travel and the engine being dormant for the past 5 months, needs to be broken in slowly. And the worst thing about it now is that I have to fork out more than I have in my accounts to redeem my car from the workshop because I bought 3rd party insurance. So finances are a bit tight. Manageable, but tight.

We're also moving to the newly rented house in BSI within this week. I've actually gotten the green light to move in since last week, but after the first attempt, we rescheduled because the owner hasn't been able to deliver the house to us properly yet. The front doors aren't properly fixed up yet, and he still owes us some curtain railings and mozzie nettings. He's a nice guy and all, just that his workers failed to deliver. That means discounts on this month's rental. I don't say that I mind, cause I need the cash, remember?

I will be travelling to KK next week for an event by the Boys' Brigade. So, if you're in town and you have a car, CALL ME!! I'll be staying at Good Sam.

My baby's fine, I guess, and my wife is doing ok so far. It hasn't been the difficult pregnancy as most have scared us into believing, but it's not entirely without drama and complications. I guess we'll just have to believe in God's hand. Having this baby actually opened up my mind to a lot of things. That this little life inside my wife's tummy is so fragile and so precious that there's almost nothing you can or cannot do to it if anything happened. You'd just have to trust God. So many times I have to remind myself that this baby isn't mine, he is given by God and he is God's creation cause I can't even determine whether he will live or die; only God can.

Work has been slowing down, picking up and slowing down again as we hang in the balance of when to start the school. priorities keep changing as this week, we're chasing to start it as soon as possible, and then the next week, we're focusing on something else. I still owe the officer in the Private School Admin at the Dept of Education a visit, then I also have to finish my lesson plans, then there's suddenly this visitation, that issue, that problem, and there's BB. 

BB has taken so much of my time that now I have to seriously think about letting go of certain things. I need space and time to think and to plan stuff. This monstrous task is getting the hold of me. I'm here at this ungodly hour partially because I'm thinking of things. 

So many plans to write down, so many decisions to make, so many changes in life, and all are moving at a differnet pace. It seems that the things that I want settled as soon as possible can't be settled, and the things that I need more time on are approaching fast... Sigh...

So help me God.


Blogger R.S. said...

*snicker* muahaha! BB:)

March 10, 2009 10:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can leave 'some' of the work in bb to the officers or better the Non Commited Officers especially the 'Big & Round' Sergeant. but if you wanna be safe, it'll be better to do it yourself. God bless...

March 16, 2009 11:31 am  
Blogger Wilson Chin said...

Hi Desmond,hmmm... I can taste the mental tiredness by reading your words, and I'll just have to remind you for enough rest.
It's hard to recover if you got yourself a burnout.

March 23, 2009 12:55 pm  

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