Monday, February 16, 2009


It's walking on the strange side of things when we take a closer look into the political scene of our country and you try to gauge it together with the politics of the rest of the world. Just a simple litmus test will do; Compare Democracy in Malaysia and Democracy in the USA.

We have had so much of consistency in government and leadership that the country has grown in leaps and bounds. And America has seemingly changed Presidents every 2 terms. At the rate it's going, one has to wonder what have we been doing with our country.

I must be mad to conclude it as such, but then, a blog is used to make outrageous conclusions anyway, so do excuse me if you find this uninteresting.

I believe that there is a solid system behind the American system of democracy. There is proper and sound societal welfare, although poverty is still an issue in America, just as it is here, but they have put in their system a working implementation of it. Whereas here, it seems otherwise. And I can only wonder why.

Our cries of reduction in poverty levels are such a far-cry that we sometimes fail to understand why we are fighting against poverty anyway. So we can find statistics that there are people who are living with less than enough money to survive by our standards. But have we failed to take into consideration that they have been surviving none-the-less? If I make less than enough money to buy my groceries, would I not plant my groceries in my backyard? So what is this notion of trying to help a big chunk of society that still plants their own vegetables in their own back yards? Who grow their own corn? Who rear their own poultry?

Why are we, as a nation, so engrossed in 'reducing' the poverty gap when we don't see people dying from hunger? Why are we trying to 'reduce' the gap between money made in the city and money made in the rural villages? The government hasn't even set up centers whereby the homeless can come and have their 3 meals a day for free. That means that the homeless could still pretty much gather food for themselves without any help from the Government.

So in actual fact, it's not that bad.

But the question remains. Why is our situation as such when we have experienced about 50 years of political stability with a steady transition of leadership from successor to successor and the implementation of a national ideal that dates back to more than 30 years ago and we're still fighting the same war?

Why then has America changed from Liberals to Democrats and back and forth and every time they change parties, the president changes as well. What do they have that we don't?

A properly implemented political system. Theirs is a system that anyone who becomes president will have to work in. Whereas ours, it seems that we are making the rules along the way. I guess it all goes back to the maturity of the nation. Although we can skip a step in terms of modernisation, but it seems that civics needs to be grown step-by-step. I wonder how long until we grow up.


Blogger ~Ze Hao~ said...

its not boring or uninteresting i assure uXD

February 21, 2009 10:52 pm  

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