Monday, October 17, 2005

Mondays... AGAIN....

It's not a good thing when Mondays creep up on you. Never Ever!!!!

I went to bed early, and still woke up groggy...

It's not that I don't have the motivation to work, but it's this feeling of predictability at work. I really need to get away from the city for a time of relaxation... It's been a full year plus since I've taken any real rest outside the city. The last time I ventured out of this mass of a hell-hole was when my class-mates and I went to Pangkor for a 'Graduation-Farewell' trip... and that was in July last year!!! After that, there were one or two trips to PD and that was only a day trip.

Well, at least work isn't too bad. I can still snake quite a lot at the office, and don't have much to do. The bosses are good, and they don't control you like you're one of thier dogs. But I don't see much of a future here. But I haven't seen any future anywhere so far. And whenever I leave, the major pitch that I was working on would be rewarded with the contract. Sigh, if I hadn't left my first company, I would now be neck-deep in the Michelin Account, and I would be able to claim that as "MINE'.... but... sigh... Now I'm stuck with work on the spoils of Genting. Maybe God is trying to tell me something... Maybe I should stick with this agency and wait until a big account comes by.

Fate and fortune has a cynical cycle that turns around all the time, and if you move too much, you find yourself moving around against the flow... hahahaha... Nah... Actually, EVERYTHING is spiritual. There's nothing that is not spiritual in this world. There are powers in this world that can be separated into two major groups. The GOOD, and the EVIL...

God is in control of ALL things. And if your god does not claim to be that, then maybe he's just not powerful enough, and has to share some of his world with another god... Where can you find a god who is not supreme being / numero uno / the ONE and yet can control all things?

You can't be an individual if you don't think that you're the best. If you're not the best, then you will need some help from your group members in order to do your job properly. And when you're in a group, you're not an individual, because you're a group member. Well, you might argue that you can be an individual that plays your part in the group, but still, if you're not working alone, you have to play by some one else's rules. You are accountable to your group members as they are accountable to you. Whatever decisions you make, you would have to consult them, or risk utter failure and mutany or boycott.

So, if your God is not good enough, maybe you should look for a better one.


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