Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Conspiracy to the max?

Ever wondered why the Government Owned Businesses in Malaysia always change hands??

Well, here's a conspiracy.

It's a long shot, but if you look closely, there's at least a little logic in it.

Well, General Managers, CEO's, Bosses of the Government Owned Businesses in Malaysia change hands because the Government want to create a false consciousness that they are actually changing for the better. But in truth, they change the Bosses of such businesses because it will give them an opportunity to introduce new systems and NEW RATES!!! Just look at the recent RAPID KL merger of almost every major transportation company in the Klang Valley. Change of Management, change in ticket prices.

You see, if you raise the prices of a commodity, the public will feel that they are getting ripped-off and that inflation is on the rise (AGAIN). But if you change the Management, and the New Boss comes in and make a few empty promises that the management will bring about more effective services, then the price hike can be justified. And if you haven't noticed, they keep doing it every 5 years or so. It is actually a two pronged attack. The new management will be sold as being more efficient, and the old will be deemed as a failure. But the old management didn't fail. Heck, the old systems are still there, the employees are kept because they have 'relevant experience' in the field, and in actual fact, the ONLY change in the organisation is the figure-head boss! I believe that the organisation can and will function with or without the new BOSS. The fella will come into office as the brand new CEO /GM / BOSS, and sit there, push a few buttons, make a few requests, and the existing workforce is made to bid his dirty work. Then the fella gets his monthly HUGE salary for the 'work' that he has done in helping a certain minister gain his post in the parliament.



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