Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I guess the change from being a free man to being a father is a sobering and deeply profound step.

Only when one becomes a father that you start to realise how deep is the Father's love for His child. I guess as someone who hasn't been a father before, it is indeed incomprehendable. This kind of love surpasses the love of a man for a woman. It surpasses the love for your parents, and it surpasses the love for anything else.

I find myself being inconvenient to so many things nowadays; I am getting less and less sleep. On a happy day, he'll sleep through most of the night without much coaxing nor attention. on a bad night, you'd be spending most of your time trying to coax him to sleep. And the thing is, you will still find it in your heart to love him.

A few months ago, I'd not even thought about this. I didn't have to. I used to go anywhere I like, whenever I like, however I like. Now, even stpeeing out the main door seems a challenge. The constant question will be: Will he be ok?

The impactful thing is that every time he makes a sound, everytime he doesn't sleep, everytime he makes a fuss, I will still draw near to him and hold him and give him the reassurance that he needs. He doesn't know it, nor will he remember it because his brain is still not fully developed. But That's what makes being a father so profound.

When you tie this to the love of God, you will indeed get a sense that He is so much more then just the God who saves.

He is the God who cares, loves, and gives unconditionally.


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