Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Busy, Adapting, Tired, Struggling...

Nuff said.


Nah, I won't be that mean. But in terms of a brief summary of my life now, that's a pretty concise but accurate few words.

I'm rather busy at the office nowadays and mostly it's because we are still adapting to life as a new school, a new office, and a new administration. Equipment is still coming in, there's so many rooms that we need to prep-up for daily use, the students have to be taught, lessons need to be planned, and we are running a full-day school which means that whatever work we have to do besides teaching has to be done outside teaching hours, which means, at home.

I guess no one foresaw this issue creeping up from under our noses. I mean, it is normal for the Principal to ask for your paperwork on your lesson plans and all that if you're doing a half-day school session, but when the same demands are asked of you whilst in a full-day session school, it's a bit different. I mean, you have your teaching periods, and in between, you have your ad-hoc jobs. Then in the afternoon, you have your afternoon lessons, and when you really get home, you're a good as toast.

I'm feeling the crunch nowadays especially when baby doesn't want to cooperate with us on his sleeping time. He's been waking us up once an hour every night for the past week or so, and it was only until last night, when we didn't let him sleep through dinner time, that he was so knocked-out during the midnight hours.

Well, I guess life's like that until we get used to everything; the work, the baby, the new life...


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